Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I get the best spam.

I received the following email from "Lawyer Skadden" (Yes, that is the actual name in the FROM line):
    From: "Lawyer Skadden"
    Subject: Summons PayPal Bill Me Later Outstanding Debt 9889

    We notifies You several times about your debt to PayPal Bill Me Later.

    In the event that you fail to voluntary satisfy our requirements for payment of your debt to Bill Me Later, we well have to turn to the court with the purpose of enforced collection of a debt, witch may entail additional expenses for you, for example, the expenses in the amount of state duty, the cost of representative's services for the compearance, the compensatory interest for the use or detention of money for each day of delay, and the execution free.

    Furthermore, in accordance with applicable law, you may be restricted from traveling outside the territory of the country, and your property may be seized.

    Based on the foregoing we offer you to pay the debt in the amount of 308.00

It appears our Nigerian friends are trying some new tricks. Also, that has got to be one the longest run-on sentences ever written.

And no, I did not open the email. I copied it onto my hard drive and made it a text file. Then I opened it with notepad. I ain't gettin' no scammer virus from "Scammer Skadden".


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Anonymous said...

I just got the same email, on a Paypal account that has been closed for almost 2 years. Skadden Debt Collection emails, regarding Paypal Bill Me Later issues, are a SCAM.

Anonymous said...

I got that email today and I dont have a paypal account at the address they claim.

andrew bark said...

Yeah, I got the same. Being a naive and infrequent PayPal user, I did wonder if I'd managed to get myself into something. Good to read that others have identified this as a scam.

I trust that the zip file they've attached contains nothing pleasant either!

Anonymous said...

I got the same email, and I've never had a paypal account!!

Anonymous said...

Got the same email today, on an old paypal account. Such poor English (thankfully).
Great site many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. The email had me worried at first. didnt open attachment, thought i would google it first!

Anonymous said...

Consider the fact that PayPal actually pays the seller in full at the time of purchase, then they collect from you through their service; it would be PayPal contacting you, not "Skadden".